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Upstairs Above Carlson Auto Body Shop
Ottawa, IL  61350
About BLOOM!

    Yoga isn’t just a physical exercise program.  It is also a system designed to generate greater clarity and harmony in your life. When you practice yoga, you will find that
    you are more patient, mentally sharper, and better able to handle stressful situations.Many health/fitness programs are difficult to maintain because they are rooted in
    an overall negative attitude that you are inadequate and need to ‘fix’ yourself.  No wonder we want to quit!  Negativity is a poor motivator. Yoga, on the other hand,
    meets you exactly where you are and does not judge.  By practicing yoga you have the opportunity to gain greater health, flexibility and strength through powerful,
    positive means.  Allow yourself to be healthy by honoring yourself, not forcing yourself.   ~Yoga Health Foundation


    Our mission is to help you get fit, heal your body  naturally, reconnect
    to yourself, and feel amazing.  We help you improve your body’s
    function by improving stability, mobility, strength, and flexibility.  Our
    Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi classes emphasize learning body
    awareness and breathing techniques.  We also help you reduce
    stress, relieve pain without prescription drugs, and nourish your body
    and spirit so you can get back to  doing the things you love to do.  
    Personal attention, class variety, and our beautiful, healing
    environment make your experience complete.  

    Our Healing Arts Center is staffed by Diana Carlson, Certified Yoga
    Therapist, E-RYT 200,  RYT 500; Pam Booras, ND CTN LMT RYT-200;
    Christine Broset LMT; and Kate Brown, CCA HTACP YT 200.  They
    provide many complementary and alternative options to improve
    ones overall health and well-being.  Their techniques include mind
    and body practices such as meditation, deep breathing exercises,
    yoga postures, progressive relaxation, and aromatherapy; energy
    healing such as reiki and healing touch; body therapies such as
    massage, reflexology, and accupressure; clinical hypnotherapy; and
    naturopathy, which is a whole medical system aimed to support the
    body's ability to heal itself naturally through the use of dietary and
    lifestyle changes aided by adjunct therapies such as homeopathy
    and herbology.

    All yoga teachers are certified in the Pranakriya yoga tradition and
    lead classes to fit many needs.  Anyone, at any age, in any body can
    practice yoga to gain numerous health benefits, such as:

  •    Greater strength and flexibility, physically and mentally
  •    Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  •    Reduced stress and improved concentration
  •    Better posture
  •    Improved circulation and respiration
  •    Weight loss
  •    Deeper peace of mind through the practices of relaxation and

    Our bodies remember everything.  They hold onto negative
    emotions such as anxiety, anger, and grief. Yoga and Meditation
    work together to relieve this stress and tension which leads to a
    healthier body and mind and therefore a happier, more joyful life.

    Discover how quickly you can open to life with a regular yoga
    practice!  All props are provided: mats, blocks, straps, blankets
    and  bolsters to make your experience as comfortable and
    effective as possible.  We invite you to join us in our friendly and
    welcoming space.  Allow yourself to let go, be yourself and make
    new friendships.  Feed your Self and Spirit and  reconnect to who
    you really are through the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and
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