SaltTreeYoga LLC
310 1/2  W. Main Street
Upstairs Above Carlson Auto Body Shop
Ottawa, IL  61350


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Salt Cave & Wellness Center

BLOOM! Yoga and Healing Arts Center


    Our Wellness Center is staffed by Diana Carlson, Director of
    SaltTreeYoga and E-RYT 500; Christine Broset LMT; and Kate Brown,
    CCA HTACP YT 200.  We provide  many integrative and
    complementary options to improve overall health and well-being.  Our
    techniques include mind and body practices  such as meditation, deep
    breathing exercises, physical yoga postures, and progressive
    relaxation; Aromatherapy; Energy Healing such as Reiki and Healing
    Touch; and Body Therapies Massage, myofacial release, deep tissue
    massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and accupressure.

    CORE POWER 1/2 HOUR with Stephanie
    Mondays & Tuesdays, 12:15 - 12:45
                   Our new Wellness Center
                   Opening Date is June 7th!

    We need to delay by a week the opening of
    SaltTreeYoga.  Please bear with us as we make this
    transition.   As those of you who are current
    SaltTreeYoga friends have seen, this has been a
    major undertaking on all levels - but we promise the
    wait will be well worth it!  

    Formerly BLOOM! Yoga and Healing Arts Center, we
    have been bringing integrative health and wellness
    alternatives to Ottawa and the surrounding areas
    since 2009.  Everything at SaltTreeYoga, old and
    new, focuses on restoring wellness and balance to
    the body, mind, and spirit.  

    We believe the human body can often heal itself with
    the right frame of mind, tools, and attention to self-
    care.  Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to
    choose their own road to wellness by providing some
    of the latest natural healing methods that can help
    bring the body back to a more functional, healthy
    state.  We have spent  extensive time researching to
    find the most current and most effective therapeutic
    services.  We want these services to really work,
    because we personally will settle for nothing less for

    Coming in June, we will have a Full Spectrum Infrared
    Sauna (with Near, Mid, and Far Infrared spectrum).  
    In our Sauna, you can choose from six pre-set
    Programs that target secific health concerns.  Our
    Whole Body Light Therapy Bed can improve skin
    health and relieve back and neck pain. Our Flotation
    Dry Hydrotherapy bed is the latest innovation in dry
    hydrotherapy.  It is an incredible total body  
    rejuvenator that was built in Italy with the intention to
    give the restorative effects of a full night's sleep in
    just 30 minutes. PLUS Dry Salt Therapy
    (Halotherapy) in our Salt Cave! These new services
    are in addition to our Yoga, Massage, Reiki, and
    Healing Touch services and Essential Oils Education.
    Stay tuned for Infrared Thermal Imaging coming
    soon! Our new space will also include a retail space
    that will carry healthy products to use in your home
    and in your life.  

    We did our best to create a beautiful, peaceful
    environment where you can unwind, undo the old,
    and create healthy change and transformation in
    your life.  We hope you will love it as much as we do!

                   For more information email

                         or call 815.228.3877
Breathe. Cleanse. Grow.